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The Maflex range of converting machinery includes high-performance and reliable solutions for both Consumer and Industrial Tissue (or Professional, Away From Home, AFH). Maflex’s tissue converting lines are flexibly configurable and tailored in response to different markets and sectors.


Industrial Type Converting Line (Away From Home)

Industrial-type converting lines are intended for the production of tissue paper rolls for professional and public use, such as hand towels, jumbo toilet paper, and other tissue products intended for office, hospital, and commercial environments.


Reliability and Performance for the Industrial Tissue Market

In this segment of the tissue market, reliability, performance and finished product quality are essential to meet the demands of large supplies and intensive use. Maflex converting lines can be configured for high-capacity productions. Sizes, diameters, cutting lengths and many other parameters can be set easily and quickly according to the manufacturer’s specific needs. Product changes take place with innovative, safe and simple systems. Production of tissue products with or without cardboard core (coreless) can be evaluated.

Modular Philosophy and Flexible Configuration

Thanks to Maflex’s modular philosophy, our tissue converting solutions are highly configurable and customizable to meet the market and business sector needs of our customers.


Ease of use and specific training

Maflex’s tissue converting lines are designed to be easy to use. We offer specific training programs for the staff involved, ensuring fast turnaround times for the converting line.