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The rewinder is the heart of the converting line.
It rewinds the ply from the previous processing station, creating the logs; these have the same width of the parent reel and the diameter of the desired finished product.
The rewinder also performs other important tasks, such as: the paper perforation to the desired length in order to obtain the rips on the finished product, controlling the number of sheets (rips) included in each individual log, the control of the attainment of the desired diameter.
Rewinders HERA and HESTIA, work in start & stop and can be made in either semi-automatic and automated functioning.
The rewinders ARES and HERMES work rather continuous and fully automatic mode in order to satisfy the demands of both those who turn to the AFH market and those who mainly manufacture CONSUMER rolls. Each model has different technical characteristics in order to promote a specific production rather than another, but all of them can be customized according to specific requirements.