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Unwinders for tissue parent reels, ideal for AFH-type roll converting lines

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Maflex Unwinder: the beginning of your industrial tissue paper roll production line

Unwinders are machines that accommodate and unwind tissue paper parent rolls. These unwind machines represent the first fundamental step in the transformation of paper rolls destined for industrial or Away From Home use.
The correct tension of the paper and quick coil change are the cornerstones of an efficient production process.

Flexible choice and adaptable technology for Front or Top loading of tissue parent rolls

Maflex offers unwinders with both front loading (UF) and top loading (UT) of the parent roll. Both UF and UT families are capable of handling rolls of various sizes and weights, according to the specific technical specifications of each model.


Independent units for quick installation in industrial tissue production lines

Maflex unwinders are designed as completely independent units. Thanks to our modular philosophy, they can be easily integrated into any industrial tissue production line, ensuring fast installation times.