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Safety and efficiency of state-of-the-art tissue converting plants

Safety and efficiency of state-of-the-art tissue converting plants

During the MIAC exhibition, the International Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for Paper and Cardboard Production and Tissue Paper Converting, held at the technical conference venue organized in collaboration with Assocarta and Confindustria Toscana Nord, MAFLEX addressed the topics of production efficiency and workplace safety.  These topics have always been essential for technological research and innovative development in solutions dedicated to the tissue paper converting sector. Over the years, the company has implemented various devices and measures on individual machines for tissue paper converting and at the converting plant level for hygiene rolls, paper towel rolls, and industrial rolls.


What safety and efficiency represent for the tissue converting sector

Efficiency and safety are critical variables for companies operating industrial plants in all sectors and regions of the world. This trend also applies to the tissue converting sector, where recent years have seen a strong commitment among converters to improve the performance of their production lines from this perspective.

Over time, there has been a significant evolution in tissue paper converting plants aimed at enhancing performance, particularly in terms of speed and cycles per minute. However, it is essential to consider that increasing speed can complicate other aspects of production and affect overall reliability.

With high-speed converting, the tolerated margin for error decreases, and critical issues can arise during production, leading to machine downtime that impacts overall line performance and poses risks to operators.

Thanks to close collaboration with a wide range of clients (small and medium converters and large companies), MAFLEX has identified targeted solutions that combine ease of use with maximum operational safety, without compromising the desired production efficiency.

Efficiency in tissue paper roll production lines

From an efficiency perspective, data analysis has revealed that simply increasing machine speed does not always result in higher production. What plays a fundamental role in line yield and efficiency is the actual operating time during a production shift. It has been demonstrated that lower but constant working speeds often lead to higher efficiency and significantly superior product quality.

Therefore, MAFLEX has focused on maximizing the efficiency of its machines with the goal of minimizing downtime, such as for production changes and maintenance, providing a true added value in terms of efficiency: more time for tissue paper roll converting.

Safety applied to Tissue Paper Converting Lines

In the context of safety, MAFLEX, a pioneer in tool-free product changes on embossers, has always sought to eliminate the most dangerous operations by implementing automation and solutions aimed at protecting operators and technicians, effectively removing them from potential risks. This approach has led to the simplification and reduction of the workload for operators while safeguarding their work, thus contributing to making the entire system more efficient and secure.

Safety, simplicity, and speed are crucial for optimizing production time and protecting individuals during delicate procedures.

The magnetic pusher on MAFLEX log saws is a perfect example of how this approach was adopted. In addition to the Easy Blade system to cover Log Saw blades, it completes a highly effective kit that allows operators and technicians to perform quick maintenance in total safety, eliminating risks and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, all MAFLEX log saws are equipped with fully automatic universal claps, another aspect that enhances process efficiency and safety.

The fully automatic change of MAFLEX’s HERACLE embossing rolls is an exemplary innovation in the tissue industry. This system allows the operator to replace the upper embossing roll in less than three minutes by simply pressing a button without breaking the web.

The fully automatic change of MAFLEX’s HERACLE embossing rolls is an exemplary innovation in the tissue industry. This system allows the operator to replace the upper embossing roll in less than three minutes by simply pressing a button without breaking the web.

MAFLEX’s UT series unwinders with “mobile arms” guarantee faster and safer roll changes, even for converters with insufficient space for an automatic splicing system.

Not only continuous lines for tissue but also start-stop machines for tissue converting

In addition to what has been implemented in continuous lines, the company’s vision, from the perspective of safety and efficiency, also extends to start-stop machines. MAFLEX aims for the automation of start-stop machines, even for coreless products, using the Mini Robot manipulator.

Thanks to these small, state-of-the-art robotic devices, manipulation tasks can be performed, often in confined spaces. The compact size and precision in object manipulation make Mini Robots valuable tools for automating complex operations or delicate phases related to manufacturing in the industry.

The safety and efficiency of the tissue line from a software perspective

In addition to the mechanical aspect, MAFLEX’s attention also extends to software. The entire line and its overall efficiency are constantly monitored through the PEGASO production assistance system. The PEGASO planning interface allows for the most efficient organization. The integrated video system enables both local and remote access to promptly obtain assistance from qualified MAFLEX personnel. This dramatically reduces the waiting time for resolving any unforeseen issues. The electronic monitoring system records any changes in machine parameters, thereby identifying potential component degradation. This allows maintenance teams to plan in advance and replace parts during scheduled downtime in the converting lines, avoiding further production interruptions of tissue rolls.

MAFLEX collaborates with its clients to optimize total converting plant efficiency

In addition to integrated design solutions and modifications, MAFLEX actively collaborates with its clients to identify areas for improvement at the plant level.

These activities involve various audits aimed at globally enhancing safety and efficiency in the converting plant.

MAFLEX engineers generate a comprehensive report that includes an analysis of the current situation in the tissue production line and provides solutions for optimizing the converting process or making changes to improve safety, operational simplicity, and the reliability of the entire converting plant, with a special focus on overall production efficiency in the hygiene, domestic, and industrial tissue paper sector.

MAFLEX's R&D Approach: Where others stop, we find solutions.

MAFLEX's Research and Development team does not halt in the face of challenges.

They assess and study every need of the customer and the tissue sector. It is precisely these valuable moments of exchange and growth that have led to the creation of the solutions found in its current converting lines.This is the approach that MAFLEX employs every day to ensure safety and efficiency in state-of-the-art tissue converting plants.

Where others stop, we find solutions.