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The accumulator is the unit which separates the production of the logs from the final part of the line in which they are cut and wrapped.

Its function, in addition to the load of the feeding channels on the log saw, is the temporary storing of logs, thereby ensuring continuity in the production and flexibility to the converting line.

The accumulator allows indeed having stops in the units before and after itself, without being necessary to stop the entire production.

Maflex accumulators mainly vary according to the storage capacity and the type of product being processed. They are designed to be inserted in any type of converting line and to ensure, depending on production requirements, the proper flexibility.

The loading and unloading of the logs takes place in the FIFO mode (first in first out). The logs are then initiated to the cutting section in accordance with the natural process of production, i.e. the first log produced by the rewinder is the first to be cut by the log saw.

Our accumulators are also able to simultaneously download different logs on as many log saws.

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