Corewinders and Corecutter

 Tissue Converting Specialist



The corewinder is the machine that produces the rigid tube of cardboard (also known as “core”) on which the paper is wound to form the roll.

The tube consists of strips of cardboard spirally wound on a metal mandrel and glued together. The strips may vary from 2 to 5 depending on the thickness of core is desired to produce. On request is possible also to produce cores with a single strip and to get customized unwinding units.

The corewinders GAIA are designed offering simplicity: simplicity of design, simplicity of maintenance and simplicity on the diameter change.

In fact, by means of simple operations, it’s possible  to pass from a diameter of core to another in only 10/15 min. This naturally allows a very flexible production, able to meet in a very short time the demands of customers.

Each handled group is independently driven and synchronization is ensured by the electronic control of the axes.

The tube or core made from the corewinder may then be cut into tubes of desired length to be used on rewinders with in line slitters. The cutter TEMNO is an extremely simple machine, in which each adjustment is manual and intuitive.

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