Tissue Converting Specialist



The embosser is the unit by which the plies are combined and the product acquires volume and softness to the touch.

This is accomplished through the passage between two cylinders, one in rubber and the other in steel that transfers the desired pattern due to the pressure exerted by one of them. Every type of decoration is available, from single to double or triple height.

The plies can be embossed simultaneously or separately in relation to the desired result on the final product. The embossing unit THEO combines the plies embossed via mechanical contrast, while HELIO and HERACLES can also glue the plies between them either randomly (DERL) or synchronically (DESL).

Maflex embossing units are designed so as to minimize maintenance time and maximize the simplicity of use.

Change of all the rolls is very quick and practical thanks to an extraction system that provides the locking by only four bolts, while the position of “opening” of the gluing unit makes the cleaning or maintenance of the machine an easy operation.

Besides, on the embossing unit HELIO is also possible to install the NO-GAP system, which provides an additional gluing unit to operate in start & stop mode avoiding having stretches of unglued product.

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