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We are always looking for new talents

Maflex Tissue Conveting Machinery is always looking for new talents!

Our team is composed of about 40 specialists that work side by side in the various departments. We believe that with sacrifice, honesty and commitment, great results can be achieved and each year the “family” is expanding. The company strongly believes in young people, in fact the average age is under 32 years old.

Selection Methods

How we choose who is part of the Maflex “family”.


In order to find the best talents, our team has built a selection process marked by company values such as teamwork and continuous improvement.


Being predisposed to collaboration and the development of one’s skills are fundamental requirements that we look for in our candidates, as we believe they are essential characteristics for the growth and success of Maflex Tissue Converting Machinery.

Professional growth

Maflex Tissue Conveting Machinery has chosen to invest in ongoing team training.

We believe that the growth of every company depends on the growth of its employees. We believe that every single person is a “valuable resource.” We periodically offer training courses, enabling our employees to keep up with market and technological changes. We are committed to recognizing career progressions based on each person’s achievements. We are continuously looking for resources to invest in, to be included in professional growth paths in line with sustained studies and personal ambitions.


Frequently Asked Questions: simple answers to satisfy your curiosity

Where are the job openings posted?

Our vacancies are posted on the Hr recruiting portal which can be accessed from the “SPONTANEOUS APPLICATION/OPEN POSITIONS” section within the “WORK WITH US” link https://www.maflex.it/lavora-con-noi/ and on our Linkedin page.

Is it possible to submit an unsolicited application?

Absolutely yes, cv’s can be submitted at any time by accessing the “WORK WITH US” page, link https://www.maflex.it/lavora-con-noi/, in the “SPONTANEOUS APPLICATION/OPEN POSITIONS” section from which you in the Hr recruiting portal. Resumes will be archived in the company database and each application will be considered when positions in line with the profile open up.

When will I get feedback on my unsolicited application and/or to an open position?

If your application is found to be in line with the profile sought you will be contacted within approximately 40 days of receiving your cv.

How will you contact me?

You will be contacted by email and/or phone.

How is the selection process carried out?

The process involves screening the CVs according to the requirements for the specific position sought, and then the candidate is contacted for cognitive interviews.

Who is your ideal candidate?

We are looking for people who are in line with our company culture, which is collaborative, innovative and based on respect. The expected candidate requirements vary depending on the position to be filled, however we look for the following in each employee: ambition; fairness; team spirit; willingness to put themselves out there; and flexibility.

Is it possible to experience internships and apprenticeship paths within Maflex Tissue Conveting Machinery?

We offer opportunities for internships and apprenticeship paths, allowing young people to learn about the world of work.

What national collective contract do you apply?

Our contract is the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) metalworking sector for workers in the private metalworking and plant installation industry.

Are professional development paths provided?

We periodically evaluate the performance of our employees and, based on their achievements, recognize career progressions.

How would you define Maflex Tissue Conveting Machinery?

A young and dynamic company, within which each person is respected and valued.

Life @Maflex

Welcome to the everyday “life” of Maflex: LIFE is a diary made up of goals, emotions, projects that closely involve our people.


Here you can explore the beating heart of the company. In LIFE @Maflex we discover the stories behind the machines, the talent and the will that guide us every day towards different challenges with the aim of offering efficiency and versatility in the tissue converting sector to fully satisfy the requests and needs of our customers. clients.