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Maflex @ Lucca Comics & Games Walk of Fame

During the event, on display inside the Golden Globe – a sparkling geodesic structure – the Walk of Fame, i.e. the exhibition of tiles bearing the handprints and signatures of many great authors gathered over the years. A prestigious collection that year after year will continue to be enriched and will come by 2017 to the laying into final destination: the ancient Walls of Lucca.
Some of the artists who have left their footprints: Milo Manara, Tanino Liberatore, Terry Brooks, George Romero, Robert Crumb, Tiziano Sclavi.
Maflex has chosen to adopt the imprint left by Gipi, Italian cartoonist, filmmaker and author. His latest book, released in November 2016 by Coconino Press, is titled La terra dei figli.